Hello. I’m 24 and I’m 30 days to 35 hours without sleep. At night, after waking up and then back to sleep, it happened very rarely me (twenty times in a year) to do the same nightmare: I dream that I’m in bed and I feel the presence of someone a. This experience frightened me so much that I’m aware of being dreaming and trying to wake me but I feel like I am entirely paralyzed. It takes me a second to finally wake up with his heart beating loudly and the blood rushes to my head. These experiences are very intense and I wonder if it would not be linked to heart attacks. Thank you for your answers

I have it for a year and I just discovered that I suffer from the disease of sleep paralysis. I am doing research on the internet. I really did not think it was a disease, I regarded it as nightmares, hallucinations and paralysis as a real body.My blood pressure rises when I wake up.

Despite stamps, persistent tachycardia some nights that do?

If so you have sleep apnea.
See your cardiologist that you do a test (device that you wear a night here and can be diagnosed apnea)
with a device fitted subsequently your tachycardia s’ arrrĂȘtera (including your hypertention if you have

It can have various causes, in particular digestive, because he things happen when you are lying. Maybe you can try to raise a little the headboard (to see …?) But the doctor who follows you is still the best person to advise you. Take the time to explain every detail in it.